How We Got Started

J. Michael Zenn is just an ordinary guy who discovered an extraordinary secret: You don’t have to be a health-nut to be healthy!

After watching his own dad die of poor health at the early age of 57, Zenn took a look in the mirror and saw that he too was “digging his own grave with his teeth.” This motivated him to take control of his own health and to lose 50 pounds and six inches of his waist–within a few months he looked younger and felt better than he had in decades.

He spent a year reading 200 books and interviewing top experts around the world in order to write his originally self-published THE SELF HEALTH REVOLUTION, which was found independently by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, whose endorsement helped make the book an instant bestseller in Whole Foods stores across the country. In fact, it’s the only book ever in history to have received an endorsement from Whole Foods Markets and John Mackey.

Now, Simon and Schuster has picked up the book and brought it to the attention of the world, with endorsements from top docs such as Dr. John La Puma, Christiane Northrup, Dr. David Feinberg (Head of UCLA Hospital Systems), Dr. Kristi Funk, Angelina Jolie’s personal physician and co-host of TV segments for the Doctors and Dr. Oz television shows, are helping to launch his movement to an even wider audience (already translated into Spanish, Korean and Chinese).

After healing the inside of his body, Zenn turned to his attention to his skin. In his previous unhealthy life, Zenn had spent nearly 15-years exposing his skin tanning- beds which had caused terrible hyper-pigmentation issues on his face. He was told by numerous skincare professionals that the damage was permanent and although bleaching and laser surgery might help, it would never cure it.

In an effort to heal his skin, Zenn fervently researched skincare and came to an incredible conclusion: 70% or more of what you put on your skin goes into your body–in other words, “You eat what you put on your skin”. He realized that if you shouldn’t or couldn’t eat something, then you should never put it on your skin. Zenn then sought out one of the top herbalists and microbiologists in the country and began working on an organic, edible skincare formulation that today has evolved into Herbal Face Food TM.

Zenn began to use the newly formulated Herbal Face Food TM product on his face and to his amazement within 4 weeks all of the hyper-pigmentation had disappeared. Zenn began to share the products with friends, family, readers and fans. Herbal Face Food TM has now been tested by over 10,000 customers in 10 countries and the exclusive clientele of some of the top aestheticians and anti- aging doctors in the country. The product has been proven to reverse the 10 most visible signs of aging: Wrinkles, large pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, loss of skin tone, firmness, smoothness, radiance, brightness.

Although the product is organic, edible and 100% plants (no additives whatsoever), it is incredibly powerful. The world’s most powerful antioxidants are found in a few, particular plants from around the world. The ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), is the foremost scientific method of identifying the world’s most powerful

anti-aging plants and foods. Herbal Face Food TM contains plant concentrates that are the highest ever tested on the ORAC scale. Herbal Face Food registers an astonishing 10 million on the ORAC Anti-

oxidant Scale and is 100,000 times the anti-oxidant potency of vitamin C.

Many have discovered various uses and unique healing properties for this amazing serum such as relief from chronic Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Warts, Fungus, Moles, Cold Sores, Cuts, Burns, Scrapes, Bruises, Scars, Bug Bites and many more. Self Health Revolution’s Herbal Face Food TM is sourced from all over the world, hand-harvested and handmade.

Herbal Face Food TM is only current available through an exclusive network of aestheticians, anti-aging doctors, salons, spas and dermatologists around the country or directly from J. Michael Zenn at Facebook . His organic, edible, 100% plants skin care products are endorsed and used by Dr. Howard Liebowitz , Dr. Phil and Suzanne Sommer’s anti-aging doctor and one of the most respected longevity experts in the world. Our products have recently been endorsed by Angelina Jolie's personal physician, Dr. Kristi Funk, and top celebrity skin guru in NYC, JoAnna Vargas. We are currently selling products all over the world, especially Asia, where our products are featured in some of the most recognized luxury stores and fashion magazines in the world.

The Self Health Revolution products also address Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriases, Melasma, Cold Sores, Warts, Skin Tags, Moles, Burns, Cuts, Scrapes, Scarring, etc. Our products have been shown to heal the 10 most visible signs of aging: Wrinkles, large pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, loss of skin tone, firmness, smoothness, radiance, toxins. (see studies / testimonials at http:// www.facebook.com/HerbalFaceFood.

THE SELF HEALTH REVOLUTION is a simple health guide for folks who aren’t health-nuts. More than 60,000 people have joined the movement and Michael Zenn has witnessed thousands of success stories including his own success dramatic story. He has been featured on CBS, NBC and in dozens of TV and Radio interviews nationally. THE SELF HEALTH REVOLUTION can be found at all Whole Foods Market, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Apple ibooks, Amazon or SelfHealthRevolution.com.

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