The most potent Anti-Aging, Multi-Correction skincare product on the market. Period.

Herbal Face Food isn’t a magic potion, it’s simply the best of plant science at work. No fillers, no chemicals, no BS. Our powerful, potent serum is packed with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that heal your skin at the cellular level from the outside in, and address the top signs of aging in 3 days or less (no kidding).

Lets Face It

Let’s face it: for years, the cosmetic industry has been feeding us chemicals wrapped in pretty packaging with the promise of results.
Even the natural alternatives are so watered down, they’re ineffective. The truth is, the most effective compounds are grown, not manufactured. But that doesn’t mean all plants are created equal — it’s the right plants, from the right place, in the right concentration that make all the difference. At Herbal Face Food, we’re here to prove the real power of plants through our raw active formulas. Finally, skincare you can feel good about and results you can’t deny. It’s time to take back your skin.

The ever-inspiring Supermodel and Environmentalist, Gisele Bündchen, is featured on the Cover of Vogue’s Sustainability Issue wearing Herbal Face Food, The Serum, featured in the cover story. Celebrity Makeup Artist and conscious beauty champion, Jenna Anton, selected Herbal Face Food as part of Gisele’s 100% Eco-Conscious world-wide campaign.

The Starter Bundle

Introducing our 30-day Radiance Bundle: Start with Serum I, a potent blend of 25 powerful botanicals for visible results in 3 days. Follow with The Cure, the world's most powerful Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging solution. Complete your routine with The Cream, a moisturizer with 102 potent botanicals.

Vogue-Approved Beauty Product

"Harnessing the skin rejuvenating powers of some of the world’s most potent plants, Herbal Face Food prides itself in multi-correction, antioxidant-rich serums that feed the skin a whopping 100,000 times more youth-boosting benefits than traditional vitamin C (according to the brand and the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity rating). The Cure is a serum that contains 50 botanicals, including 20 ultra-rare plant concentrates, to address and remedy conditions like maskne, acne, rosacea, melasma and more. A warming sensation can be expected after each application, with the formula stimulating blood flow to help deliver the nutrients deep into the skin."

~ VOGUE Magazine , December 2021

A Heal You Can Feel

You will feel our live ingredients at work. An activating flush and invigorating tingle are evidence of your skin healing at the cellular level and years of damage reversing.

All Skin Welcome

Give us your oily, dry, sun-damaged, young or aged skin. Our unique formulation of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients address a plethora of skin conditions. Some people report results in as little as 3 hours (seriously).

Plants In All Their Glory

We are NOT plant-based, we are 100% plant powered. Our unique blend of organic ingredients are never heated or messed with, they are wild harvested from rare and remote corners of the globe.

“Plants are the original Scientists. Plants are the ancient Estheticians.”

- J. Michael Zenn -

Our Serums

The Serum I

Radical Youth Concentrate

Our powerful, potent serum is packed with Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Virals and phytonutrients that heal your skin at the cellular level and address the top signs of aging in 3 days or less (no kidding). Start with Serum 1 and power your way up through the Serum Series.

Starting at $72.00




The Serum II

Radical Youth Concentrate

Same formula, more intensity and healing power from a higher concentration of plants. Formulated for those that enjoy a more intense warming sensation. You’ve enjoyed Serum I, and you’re ready to turn up the power of the Serum Series.

Starting at $78.00




The Serum III

Radical Youth Concentrate

Our most potent serum in the lineup has the same formula, but with the most intensity of the Serum Series. For those that want maximum benefits and efficacy. You’ve enjoyed Serum I and Serum II, and you’re ready to feel the full power of Serum III.

Starting at $90.00

The Cure

Extreme Multi-Correction

The most potent Anti-Aging, Multi-Correctional, Anti-Viral skincare product on the market. Period. The most concentrated blend of Anti-Oxidant phytonutrients ever assembled. Decades of plant science goes into this super-charged Anti-Aging, Multi-Correctional Serum.

Starting at $114.00


Organic / Wildcrafted

Cruelty Free


Synthetic Fragrance Free

Paraben Free

GMO Free

Ethically Sourced

Take Back Your Skin