The Serum Series:  
Super-charged Plant Science At Work

The Serum I

Radical Youth Concentrate

25 of the world’s most powerful botanicals including the top 5 rarest, most expensive plant concentrates on the planet. Our powerful, potent serum is packed with Anti-Oxidants and Anti-aging phytonutrients that heal your skin at the cellular level and address the top signs of aging in 3 days or less (no kidding). Start with Serum I and power your way up through the Serum Series.

The Serum II

Radical Youth Concentrate

Same formula, more intensity and healing power from a higher concentration of plants. Formulated for those that enjoy a more intense warming sensation. You’ve enjoyed Serum I, and you’re ready to turn up the power of the Serum Series.

The Serum III

Radical Youth Concentrate

Our most potent serum in the lineup has the same formula, but with the most intensity of the Serum Series. For those that want maximum benefits and efficacy. You’ve enjoyed Serum I and Serum II, and you’re ready to feel the full power of Serum III.

The Cure

Extreme Multi-Correction

The most potent Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging skincare product on the market. Period. Contains 50 of the world’s most powerful botanicals including the top 20 rarest, most expensive plant concentrates on the planet.

The Cream

The Cream is the most potent moisturizer ever tested. The Cream contains 102 of the planet’s most powerful Anti-Aging botanicals. The Cream is the world’s first and only edible, 100%, plant-powered 50+ SPF moisturizer.

The Cure X Soap

Our powerful, potent The Cure Serum Soap is packed with Multi-Correctional, Anti-Aging phytonutrients that heals your skin while cleansing your body of bacteria and everyday germs. The Cure Soap is the only soap with the world’s most powerful Multi-Correctional, Anti-Aging plant concentrates that fight aging while moisturizing, killing viruses, and healing your skin naturally.

The Self Health Revolution Book

The only book ever endorsed by Whole Foods Markets and its CEO and Founder, John Mackey. How to heal your Skin from the outside in, reverse your chronological age by 10 years, discover a forgotten remedy that will get rid of aches and pains forever! 3 simple steps you can take to get fit and stay thin forever, and the one thing you can do now to extend your life by 15 years. J. Michael Zenn reveals the personal struggles that shaped his approach to overcome excuses that led to this simple plan to lose unhealthy pounds and look years younger.


Organic / Wildcrafted

Cruelty Free


Synthetic Fragrance Free

Paraben Free

GMO Free

Ethically Sourced

Take Back Your Skin