Night 3 update- Herbal Face Food

-Daughters still love the smell- as do I

-Still have burning sensation- doesn't seem as much as before, although I wish it was (reminded me of when I would get peels - and kept a mini-fan in order to keep the burn at a minimum) Just having my daughter blow on my face! Lol

-Skin DEFINITELY feels smoother- I like that it doesn't look or feel so dry

-DEFINITELY helping with any acne- I had one zit pop up, put Herbal Face Food on it... Gone

-MELASMA wise- morning. But, I'm only on the third application. Nothing else has ever worked, so we shall see...

-Melissa Hunt Fisher

"When can the world expect the 1st organic, RAW, edible, 100% plants only SUPER antioxidant skin. Eco- Friendly & Wild-Harvested. Sourced Worldwide. soap, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, and everything else a girl needs? i'm not kidding! I wish all my products were as guilt free as the oil i just bought for the first time! I want everything you guys make. and I want you guys to make everything I use! thank you for considering!"


"This stuff is awesome - everyone comments to me that my skin looks so good and that is the only thing I changed!!"


"Thanks for your outstanding products and services. The All-In-One Herbal Face Cleansing Lotion arrived and is packed up to cross the ocean. Ordered Tuesday arrived 2 days later. Wow and now I can relax and feel complete for my German trip. You're the best!"


Hi Micheal,

"I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I am finishing my bottle of HFF and it is the best investment in my skin that I've ever made. Since using it for the past 6 months (it has lasted a long time!) I have taken at least 5 years off of my appearance. My skin is tighter than it has been for 10 years. I saw your post on FB about the new Herbal Body Food and would love to try it. Can you tell me how to go about getting some?

Thanks so much."


"Face Food has changed my life. I’ve always worried about wrinkles and lines, even in my 20’s. Now, since 51 is in sight, I’m not as obsessed, but do want to look my best. I started my Face Food journey in May 2011, I think or 2012, along with the smoothie. I’m proud to say I still do both of these things daily.

At first, I was amazed how my skin began to transform. I began tracking my journey with videos and pics to see my process. Suddenly, my skin glowed and my wrinkles were no longer visible. My skin is the firmest it’s ever been. I think I fell in love with myself all over again!

I’m often told I look 40, not 50 and what do I do? Well, I’m here to tell you Face Food is what I do and I hope to use this facelift in a bottle for the next 50 years!"

-Tammy Gravis

"I have been using Face Food for about 4 years. I am 64 years old now, and every time I have a facial, my aesthetician can't stop talking about what great skin I have, how few wrinkles I have and how I have no age spots or blemishes.

I have actually had to show my driver's license to prove my age to new friends, who become really good friends after that conversation! The only thing I know I do that these other people!e do is use your miracle serum. In fact, when my husband was very ill, and I barely had time or energy to brush my teeth, I let my HFF fall to the wayside. Even I could tell the difference in my skin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful way to feed the outside of my body as well as I feed the inside. What a blessing this is!

PS. I really do love my HFF. I didn't want to say it in anything, don't want to seem braggadocios, but I easily pass for 10 years younger.


"I am already on my 2nd bottle of herbal face food and body food. My skin is oily combination with acne at times, especially after my night shift. However, after using herbal face food, I do not get more acne that I got due to stress and lack of sleep!

My skin became more radiant and smooth. I put HFF under make up, which helps me glow and overnight I finish up with body food to hydrate my skin! With the experience of these products, I also bought the cleanser, which is as great as HFF and the body food. I am just in love with them all!

Thank you for letting me have such good products.

-Jamie Shin

Day 2- Woke took a look in the mirrors skin looks brighter, feels more softer than usual. I did my mirning cleanse it was not as hit as the night before, still tingly. This day I applied moisturizer and make up and I must say Make up look much softer.

Pm cleansed face could not wait to get Make up off and apply serum. It was still warm but easier to deal with. I did not apply moisturizer at night. I did notice some surface peeling on the dark pimple marks.

Day 3- Looked in mirror and dark marks are lighting up and skin looks radiant and feels so soft I am addicted. Cleansed my skin and applied serum, still cool but way less burning. By the way I love it on my hands it may be me but they look smoother, I am a Nail tech also, in a lot of water. My make up just look so much better and I use Mineral powder no heavy coverage.


"The other day my mom and i were out and she was looking at me and said des ur skin is beautiful.....i said thanks mom.

Michael , its funny my mom doesn't like the smell of hff, and i always smell like it... i tell her it helps my face....i love my mom more than anything but i do love my hff.....

Had to share , have a nice day."


"I love, love the cleanser! The smell is heavenly!! I wanted to keep washing my face and never stop! I'm ordering another bottle, so I never run out of this awesome cleanser!! It's amazing!!"

Kathryn Crocker Baker

"I cannot say enough great things about this product! I tried numerous products that were much more costly with no results. You see immediate results with J. Michael Zenn's products!"

Tessa Lynn Wright