"I just completed the trial for the Face food, and I am 100% sold. My face looks incredible, marks on my skin are fading, and it is exceptionally clear. The biggest feat for me, however, was the following: I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris that comes on randomly and is impossible to treat. Much to my distress, little red bumps will sprout up on my arms or chest and nothing (in the past) will treat it -- I have tried every product out there. I started to get the beginnings of a KP breakout a few days ago and thought I would give Face Food a try. Within a day, the red spots had lightened, and after 3 applications they are almost gone. I feel like crying when I think of how distressed I was in the past, I felt like I had no control over my skin, and now this product comes into my life and changes this. 

Thank you for creating this product."

Lisa B.

"I am already on my 2nd bottle of Herbal Face Food. My skin is oily and combination with acne at times, especially after my night shift. However, after using Herbal Face Food, I do not get more acne that I got due to stress and lack of sleep!

My skin became more radiant and smooth. I put Herbal Face Food under makeup, which helps me glow and overnight I finish up with body food to hydrate my skin! With the experience of these products, I also bought the cleanser, which is as great as HFF. I am just in love with them all!

Thank you for letting me have such good products."

- Jamie Shin

"Good Evening Mr. Zenn:

Thank you for letting me try Herbal Face Food, I have noticed a significant difference as I like to call the marionette lines by the side of the mouth and sunspots fading drastically.

I love that this product is all-natural and not like most expensive products you buy from department stores where you can't even understand half of the ingredients they put in there.

I also wanted to say I have always had redness by my nose and have been using OTC cortisone and have seen some relief but this product took away all the redness I have been struggling with by the nose area for who knows how long!

Now I am happy to say I can put off botox and fillers thanks to this product!"

- Fatina


I wanted to give you an update, I have to say this is the first time in over ten years I finally stopped taking minocycline for my acne and my skin looks so nice and clean, and NO more new acne forming! Usually, when I went off it acne came back with a vengeance, not this time! My skin looks healthy, the tone of this skin is evened out and acne scars are fading by the day!

I love this!"

- Ellen Macnsokey

"Hi Mr. Zenn,

I spoke to you on Thursday. I told you I have finished my 10 day Trial of Herbal Face Food and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, everything about your product and I LOVE what it has done for my skin. It's an amazing-miracle.

Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for allowing me to experience your product, it is the best thing I have ever tried on my skin in my 51 years of life. You're the Best.

Thank you again. Have a Blessed Day!"

- Marie McCann


Congratulations...I have been using Herbal Face Food for 4 days now. Saw a dramatic difference the first day. Just wrote to my friend to thank her for telling me about this and to let her know of the results.

For me, the only way to describe J. Michael Zenn's face food is FABULOUS!!!

It has done in four days, what other products, whether from the dermatologist or retail market, could not even come close to accomplishing.

No breakouts, no allergic reactions, just soft hydrated skin that I haven't had in years.

J. Michael Zenn, you are a genius for creating this magnificent product...I can't thank you enough..."

- Fran Butler

"Thank you for sending me the Herbal face food....it's amazing and I can see the difference in my skin within these 12/13 days of use... my facial skin looks pampered and fresh. The skin pores have almost disappeared and the skin looks more even...thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product.

Love this product!

Thank you Once again 🙂


- Prajakta B.

"First, I am on my 4th day.of using Herbal Face Food. I had some blisters around my lips from a combination of lupus flare-up and a bacteria infection that my doctors have been trying to figure out what caused it in the first place. Been trying to get rid of it for 6 months. Blisters have almost completely dried up and lip swelling is going down for the first time in 6 months.

Second, I see a big difference in my pores. They are much tighter.

Third, my skin feels baby soft, tighter, and has a nice soft glow, and my face is not greasy!

I’m very happy so far I can't wait for the tenth day. So I need to know how to purchase this product.

I have noticed I don't need to use as much as of today! It absorbs much better, I guess because my face is not as thirsty."

- Gayla

"Hi Michael,

Here's an update! Today I met a person I had not seen in 8 months and the first thing he asked me is: How do you stay so young? I thanked him and then asked if I looked different to him today vs. 8 months ago and he said YES, " your skin looks smooth, And you have a glow, and you do look younger" I've been using your product fairly consistently for 2 months (since April 28) and I just ordered a 3rd bottle today. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in the trial.


- Donna Lang

"Hi Michael,
I received my Herbal Face Food last Friday and began using it Saturday morning. This stuff is absolutely amazing!

I love-love-love the aroma. I am very sensitive to chemical-based scents and always appreciate one from nature. I mostly pick up the scent of fresh oregano, of which I am a big fan. The fact that it lingers (a few hours) is a plus for me.

With my sixth application this evening I can say that the super intense burning sensation is starting to lessen its grip. While uncomfortable and visibly turning my skin red, it generally lasted less than two minutes and was not unbearable -- I was encouraged as I knew it was working!

Now for the really yummy stuff....the results are extremely exciting after only 3 days. I have really deep creases (the worst creases are the vertical lines above the nose, between the brows, followed by the horizontal lines across the forehead). My creases have gotten so bad over the past couple of years that my husband began saying things like, "stop frowning!" or "what's that scowl for?!" when I really was without expression. When I took a good look in the mirror one day I finally realized why he always thought I looked mad (sigh). While I have a long way to go before they disappear (if that's even possible), I am happy to report that I AM noticing improvement! Another area of improvement is with the lines that run from the edge of each nostril down to each corner of the lip area. Interestingly, one side now looks nice and plump with no noticeable line, while the other side is lagging behind a bit.

I definitely want to continue to see just how my skin will transform over time!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to try this wonderfully unique product.

Kind Regards,"

- Jennifer Carroll

"I have been treating my forehead twice daily with the Herbal Face Food serum. I had clusters of pigmentation on my forehead and in 4 days of using the serum every day my entire forehead has peeled and with each scab peeling away I am watching the sunspots literally peel off my skin. Leaving me with clear unblemished skin behind.

I cannot find the words to share how amazing this serum is and how powerful the plants are. I basically got a face peel in less than a week. I love love love what this serum is doing for my skin that has lots of pigmentation, and had a few moles that the serum got rid of also. I will continue to be good to my skin and use this wonderful 100% plant serum that is steadily healing and correcting my damaged skin."

- Barbara Awhee

"I can *never* truly convey what this means to me, but I can thank you. Sincerely, deeply thank you for this product."

- Amanda -

"I'm writing this after using Herbal Face Food for a week. I literally have tears in my eyes.
For nearly 19 years, acne has controlled my life. It has affected my self-esteem. It has kept me insulated. This is the one-and-only- product I have used in all that time that has helped it. My skin glows. The acne diminishes every day. The irritation I experienced daily is gone. The redness is fading. I am in absolute awe. I've cheered every person that has found their Holy Grail product, and finally, I have found that for myself.

I can *never* truly convey what this means to me, but I can thank you. Sincerely, deeply thank you for this product. What started as a skincare whim has turned into a life-changing experience for me, and anyone who has had skin care problems can understand that.

I will be ordering the full-size product on Friday. When I have some money saved up, I plan on buying the entire line. If the serum has helped me this much, I am excited to see what the moisturizer and cleanser can do for me.

Now that you have given me my skin, I plan to take control over the other aspects written about in J. Michael Zenn's book. This week, my diet changes, as well as my sedentary lifestyle.

This product has granted me another chance. Vanity and self-preservation apparently are separated by a rather thin line for me! Smile emoticon.
In all seriousness, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your product.

Thank you for offering a trial size. Without it, I couldn't have had this revelation. I just wanted to let you know that what you work so hard to do matters. I will be singing The Herbal Face Food's praises on Social Media later this week, and telling every soul I know about this product.

All the best."

- Amanda

"Can't say enough about this product. I have been using Herbal Face Food for over a year now. I've discovered this helps curtail acne, shrink large pores, remove skin warts, treats my husbands' eczema, treats my nail fungus, & helps heal cuts and burns faster.

This is my go-to remedy for almost every skin condition. Absolutely love it and highly recommend it to everyone.

Thanks, J. Michael for all your research & for developing this all-natural product. The cosmetic industry, food industry, and all other industries have poisoned everything with toxins from what we use on our bodies, put in our mouths, or breathe and I take comfort in using something God and Nature put on this earth for us to utilize in healing and protection! Amen

Have a Blessed day and thanks again!"

- Brenda Puckett Pogue

"I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I came across your website in my search to find something to help with my acne and hopefully fade away the scarring from years of acne. I had stumbled across a couple of sites that sold Herbal Face Food and sent out a message asking for some advice on acne scarring, trying to find out if Herbal Face Food would help.

Your response came the same day and seemed like an answer to my prayers. I had recently graduated from college and was about to embark on job interviews.

I have always been embarrassed by my acne and the scarring as a result of it. I really don't care for face make-up, but have always had to wear it, to hide my skin. After corresponding via email, we actually spoke by phone and you gave me so much hope and encouragement, that I couldn't wait to receive the product. That little bottle of golden serum turned out to be and do, everything you said it could and more.

I received my bottle in early June and began to use it faithfully as you had directed me to. The breakouts I was experiencing at the time, begin to disappear, which in itself gave me hope. Within a few weeks, I wasn't experiencing any breakouts at all.

I ordered my first full-size bottle in late June and the results just kept getting better. My scarring truly began to fade away, at first I wasn't sure, but I took pictures as you suggested to really see the improvements that we don't notice daily.

My friends started to comment on how good my skin looked. My Mom asked me if I had laser treatments. Today, only a few months later, I no longer wear face make-up because, for the first time in my life, my skin is not red and blotchy looking from scarring.

I had so much more confidence in my job search because I wasn't constantly thinking they were staring at my skin. When I had the occasional breakout I would panic and think it had stopped working, but I stuck with it, and it continued to heal my skin. I Improved my diet to help heal internally too, as you had suggested.

I was hired in September by a great company and believe that Herbal Face Food helped give me the confidence that I needed to be not only happy but successful.
I just ordered my 4th bottle,(actually 2) because I never want to be without Herbal Face Food. That little bottle of Golden Serum changed my life, forever.

Did I mention that I work for a rather large advertising company and would be happy to help you share Herbal Face Food with the world if you ever need it.

Thank you so much,"

- KariAnne

"Hi, I am Svitlana Roldan, from Miami. I couldn't wait a day for my trial Herbal Face Food sample, so I ordered one, and I am in love with it. I had no concern about the smell because it's just another proof that it's organic,100% eatable, herbal serum.

That's how herbs are supposed to smell. The first thing I was impressed by, is that I had immediate sinus relief (I had a horrible cold). Then it felt like getting a natural, painless peel. Maybe 30 seconds of burning sensation. I took some pictures of a product, and my face before using it. I believe it works it's magic. Can't wait. Thanks for your creation!!!"

- Svitlana Roldan

"Helly Ewald Carey to J. Michael Zenn

I really feel like my face is "glowing", for lack of a better word. It looks dewy and healthy. My friend actually noticed it one day in the very beginning. One of my main issues was dryness, I feel like that is not an issue at all anymore. I also feel like my sunspots are really starting to lighten up. My sister is on Herbal Face Food and she had some acne on her neck that has completely disappeared! This stuff is seriously amazing!"

- Ewald Carey

"Hi Michael!

So I purchased a couple of 2oz bottles of your Face Food shortly after my 10 Day Trial (which was easily stretched to 14 days!) was depleted. I have been using it 2x daily and I am amazed at the continual progress I see in my skin. Soft, well-hydrated, and the blotchy red marks, as well as scarring, is almost gone! I can't believe you have a product that is supposed to work even better?!?! I look forward to further progress and will keep you posted!"

- Jessica Hiltsher

"Hi Michael,

I wish I had bigger words to say this...but I feel that I am getting a brand new face. Very slowly, little by little, every day my face is just a little bit less red. I didn't realize how much I had become accustomed to living my life with rosacea until now when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror in the middle of my day and see less redness, more clearness. Tiny, incremental changes, but it is beginning to feel wonderful...I feel that I am slowly cleaning away impurities and buildup from decades. It's quite magical. Still burns most of the time when I use it. But it feels amazing...I just ordered two new bottles so I will continue and keep you posted.

Thank you so very much for this product."

- Christy


I want to thank you soooooooo much for the amazing serum and cleanser you have created. I have been using Herbal face food for several months and my skin has improved in texture, tone, firmness, and melasma has started to fade in some areas.

I just received the more Herbal Face Food and it's the best!!! I mean the best serum I have used in a long time. I noticed the results the next morning and my face was glowing and smooth. Every time I used the serum it left my skin so soft, clean, radiant I could go on... I'm in love with Herbal Face Food. I just want to thank you for creating these organic products with us. I sold for life!!!!"

- Maricela

"Yesterday concluded my 10 day trial with the Herbal Face Food. I definitely give this product a “10” (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best). My skin’s texture is smooth and balanced, I have a beautiful healthy glow, and my skin doesn’t appear as dehydrated as it did at the start of this trial therefore my fine lines also have shown improvement.

Overall I have a passion for this new Herbal Face Food and recommend it to add to your home care regime. The fact that the Herbal Face Food benefits the skin topically as well as internally is a plus. My favorite factor about Herbal Face Food is the way it absorbs into my skin. It’s not sticky or greasy, nor does it leave any type of film on my skin (as I have experienced with similar products). It goes on my skin like a drink of water giving me a feeling of cleanliness with a little spice.

That spice just ensures that this product contains very active healing properties (the powerful antioxidants it is made with) and in my experience selling skincare, this is a product that consumers want (100% organic, anti-aging, healing, result orientated, and weightless slip, etc.). Thumbs up!"

- Christine

"Herbal Face Food has been a total game-changer for me and my skincare routine. First of all, it is the most simple and most effective skincare regimen. It has drastically improved my adult acne and any discoloration from sun damage and scarring. I love this stuff so much I ended up ordering the largest bottle I could and refill the sample bottle to use while traveling."

- Sun Kim-Candia

""Herbal Face Food has been a total game-changer for me and my skincare routine."

- Sun Kim-Candia -

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